Horse Trailer

Weighs 1950 lbsit is the lightest trailer that I know ofEuropean made and widely used in the UK and all thru Europeany small SUV can pull itThe center divider is also removable. Can fit 1 or 2 horses comfortably and you can walk thru to load a horse that needs a little extra care.
Very friendly mare gives a greeting when she sees you anyone can ride her. Great trail horse fast walker happy to go slow but easy to go faster. Only issue is she needs a firm hand if you want to turn a way she doesnt she will argue a sec. once going your way she doesnt fight to turn around and walks just as fast away from home as toward it. Easy keeper shes this fat on grass without feed. No o...
Smarty j and b two yearstrained for racinggrandchild SMARTY JONES.registered jockey club
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